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A Brief History
of Gateacre

What’s in a Name?

The Mike Chitty Archive
(Our old website)

Gateacre ‘Academies’

Alehouse Recognizances

Properties For Sale
By Auction 1756-1916

28a-d Gateacre Brow

Gateacre Brow

Edward Latham of
Gateacre and Australia

Belle Vale Shopping
Centre 1973

Old Photographs
of Gateacre

Pictures of
Gateacre (2005)

Gateacre Society Walk
Notes 1977-1988

Gateacre’s Slave Gate:
Was the Story True?

Books of Interest
(Local History)

Life in ‘magical’ prefabs
that were like a ‘holiday
park’ to grow up in

The Belle Vale Prefabs

The 1897 Signpost
in Belle Vale Road

Brettargh Holt and
Belle Vale Road