The Slave Gate – Missing jigsaw piece found!

Gateacre's Slave Gate. Bought at Auction by GHR 1883

We are pleased to inform you that Glen Huntley and Darren White, after being able to show the ‘Slave gate’ came from the Merchants’ Coffee House in Liverpool (demolished in 1883) came from its purported location. Although the evidence was overwhelming, they lacked the final piece of evidence to prove it 100%.

After publishing, they were contacted by a descendant of George Hunter Robertson, who owned the house that became the Gateacre Hall Hotel. They were convinced Robertson was the person who relocated the gateway. Along with other photos, he sent Glen and Darren some notes and a photo from 1883 when the gateway had just been installed in Gateacre…

This proves beyond a doubt that the structure is the front door of one of the most famous buildings in 18th century Liverpool.

Gateacre’s Slave Gate. Bought at Auction by GHR 1883

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